Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wedding Guest

Last night, Susan and I went to a wedding outside of Austin. The parents of the groom are dear members of St. Alban's. I officiated at the wedding of the groom's sister, several years ago.

Yet what was unusual about the wedding was that I was simply a guest. It was the first time in six years that I have been to a wedding where I have not been the officiant. This also meant it was the first time I have been to a wedding in six years, where I was able to sit with my wife.

I so enjoyed just being a guest. I could reach over and take my wife's hand whenever the words of the liturgy became particularly poignant. I could wink at the groom's family when we caught each other's eye. I was able to reflect on relationships in new ways and how they weave and web together at a wedding in interesting ways.

As I reflect today on Trinity Sunday and on the God who is in Three Persons, in relationship, yet also One, I am grateful for the wedding last night, where Susan and I were simply guest. I wonder if in reflecting on the Mystery of the Trinity: Three in One, I should just be content with being a guest at the Feast.

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