Saturday, May 22, 2010

Come, Holy Spirit, Come

Tomorrow is the Day of Pentecost: the day, 50 days after Easter, when Luke (the writer of the Book of Acts) tells us that the Holy Spirit was poured out on all, in tongues of fire and a mighty wind.

In this week before Pentecost, I have pondered the Scripture readings for tomorrow, in getting ready for Bible studies, for sermon preparation and for personal reflection. I have asked many people in this last week: What do you think of the Holy Spirit?

And I have been a bit surprised that most people's first response is one of fear and confusion. To many, the qualities of the Holy Spirit do not match up with the qualities that we see in Jesus. To many, Jesus = love, peace, kindness. And the Holy Spirit = creepiness, fear, babbling in tongues and snake-handling.

As I prepare to enter the pulpit tomorrow on this festival day, I want us to give the Holy Spirit an image makeover in our hearts. I want us to see the Holy Spirit working in our lives, in beautiful and "non-creepy" ways. I want us to not turn our noses up at the thought of the Holy Spirit. I do not want us to give he/she/it the cold shoulder.

I want us to pray, with every fiber of our being:

Come, Holy Spirit, Come.

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