Thursday, January 5, 2012

Can I Be Baptized?

Can I be baptized?

In an age where many people are not baptized as infants, I receive this question often from adults who have not been baptized. Some hesitance in the asking of this question usually involves follow-up questions such as: What if I don’t think I am ready to be baptized? What if I am not good enough or educated enough?

Our Holy Scriptures give us, especially in the Book of Acts, examples of baptisms in the early Church. In no instance is someone told to wait on being baptized because they aren’t ready or they aren’t good enough or they don’t have a seminary education to explain the theology of baptism. In all instances, baptism is presented in the Book of Acts as a gift, a gift of the Holy Spirit that propels us to do the work of Jesus in the world.

Beginning on Monday, January 16, St. Alban’s will enter into a 5 week exploration of the Book of Acts. You will have 3 opportunities each week to attend a session. These sessions will be augmented by Adult & Youth Sunday School each week.

I invite you to enter into the fullness of your baptism by exploring the Book of Acts. I invite you to discover that you are never ready enough or smart enough or good enough to receive the free gift of God’s Holy Spirit.

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