Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Persistence is not always seen as a virtue. In all honesty, we sometimes think of persistent and adamant people as being annoying pests, like a house fly that keeps buzzing around.

Yet in our lessons from Scripture to be read this Sunday, persistence is seen as a positive virtue in pursuing God’s message of justice and love for all. In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus tells us a story about a persistent widow who wears down an unjust judge to get the justice she deserves. In the Second Letter to Timothy, Paul writes that we are to be persistent with our message, whether the time is favorable or unfavorable, in season or out of season.

The best leaders I have known are persistent about their mission, constantly staying “on message.” And when I think about it, God constantly stays “on message,” as well, persistently telling us that we are loved, whether the time is favorable or unfavorable. God stays “on message,” adamantly pursuing justice, until the unjust become worn down with persistent love.

Persistently stay on message: love others adamantly and pursue justice for all.

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